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Everbuild Stick2® Contact Spray 500ML

Everbuild Stick2® Contact Spray 500ML

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EVERBUILD STICK2® Contact Adhesive is a premiumgrade rubber based contact adhesive suitable for usewith a wide variety of materials for both professionaland DIY use. The product may be used internally andexternally for bonding decorative laminates, all typesof wood, rigid PVC, ABS, cork, linoleum, rubber, stone,metals and dense fabrics.


  • Laminate materials.
  • Bonding polyurethane foam or mineral wool panels to plasterboard.
  • Bonding metals to most surfaces.
  • Bonds wood, rubber, most plastics and leather, cork,lino and rigid PVC.
  • Excellent adhesion - adheres to most common surfaces.
  • Exceptional bond strength - out performs conventional wood glues.
  • Internal and external use (excluding 5ltr size) - excellent weathering and aging properties

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