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UV Protection Oil Clear - (Click for Range)

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Transparent, satin, oil-based protective wood finish for exterior wood. Microporous surface allows the wood to breathe and reduces swelling and shrinkage. Water-repellent surface does not crack, peel, flake or blister. As top coat on already coloured treated wood, Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Extra extends intervals between renovations significantly. As self-priming finish, it prevents the greying process on vertical surfaces with a UV protection factor 12 in comparison to untreated wood when two coats are applied. The finish contains active ingredients that prevent mould, algae and fungal attack. Simply apply without sanding. Easy and seamless application. Finish stays workable while coating.

RECOMMENDED USE: Osmo UV-Protection-Oil is ideal for all vertical exterior wood surfaces: doors, windows, window shutters (dimensionally stable elements), carports, timber cladding, balconies, fences, pergolas, and summer houses (dimensionally unstable elements). Also suitable for bamboo poles (e.g. in screens).

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